Safety First, Great Food Second

In the coming weeks and months, Ling & Louie's will be re-opening our dining rooms to you, our valued guests.

As we welcome you back into our restaurants, we have three core objectives:

1) Keep you and our team safe
2) Rebuild your confidence in dining out
3) Provide outstanding dining experiences and build towards the "new normal"

While we have always worked diligently to provide the safest dining experience possible, we will be implementing additional procedures as we recover from this public health crisis.

Below are just a few of the new operating standards our restaurants will be following when we reopen our dining rooms:

- employee wellness checks before each shift
- employees interacting directly with guests will be in PPE, including face masks and gloves
- strict handwashing and glove changing guidelines will be followed
- social distancing guidelines will be followed with our restaurants operating at the capacities recommended by local and state officials
- in light of social distancing, bar seating may not be available or may be extremely limited
- digital menus will be available upon request
- disposable dinnerware (plates, silverware, glassware) will be available upon request
- thorough and consistent cleaning and sanitizing of all high-touch surfaces, including restrooms, tables, chairs, door handles, and bar tops
- party size will be limited based on available seating
- designate areas of the restaurant specifically for take out and delivery orders, and continue offering curbside take out

If you have specific questions about our new guidelines, please contact your favorite location for further details.