7 Creative Ways to Give a Ling & Louie’s Gift Card this Holiday Season

By Louie • November 21st, 2012

We know that our guests are “not boring” people, so rather than just putting their Ling & Louie’s gift cards in an envelope to present to their friends and family this holiday season, they’re probably looking for some fun, creative ways to present the gift cards they’ll be purchasing from us.

To kick-start the flow of ideas, we thought we’d offer a few suggestions:

  1. Pick up a spatula from a home goods store and attach the gift card to the handle. This will remind the recipient how much trouble it is to make her own stir fry and how much easier it would be to just go to Ling & Louie’s and order Uncle Fu’s Fried Rice.
  2. Buy a decorative teacup and place a Ling & Louie’s gift card inside with a hand full of new Lipton Tea bags. This will remind the recipient how much better Ling & Louie’s Republic of Tea fresh brewed flavors are compared to the bland tea he usually drinks.
  3. Find a Tupperware container with a red or green lid and fill it with uncooked noodles. Place the gift card inside to delight the gift recipient who loves Ling & Louie’s noodle dishes like the Beijing Duck Noodles, New Wave Pad Thai or Lucky Lo Mein.
  4. Purchase a beer stein and hide the gift card in scrunched up sports pages from the newspaper. Your gift card recipient will look forward to enjoying a glass of Ling & Louie’s Copper Ale and some F’n Loaded Sliders during the next big game.
  5. For the vegetarian or salad lover on your holiday list, buy a salad spinner and fill it with green shredded paper. Hide the card inside as a reminder of the irresistible salads served at Ling & Louie’s such as the Sesame Seared Ahi Salad, the Emerald Spinach Salad or the Chopstick Chicken Salad.
  6. For the wine lover on your list, buy a set of colorful coasters, stack them one on top of another and tuck the gift card in between one of the layers. Tie with a colorful ribbon so when she unties the ribbon, the card falls out, reminding her how much she loves a glass of Apothic ‘Winemaker’s Blend’ Red Blend with the Pepper Seared Beef at Ling & Louie’s.
  7. When you’re at Ling & Louie’s purchasing your gift cards and pocketing the free $10 card you’ll be getting for every $50 worth of cards you’ll be buying, ask for an extra to-go box. Buy a bag of fortune cookies at the grocery store, fill the to-go box with fortune cookies and the gift card for a present that’s sure to bring good luck for the coming year!

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